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NEW! Version 2.9.0 has been released. Click here to download your FREE upgrade!

The future of estimating and invoicing for quick-print and copy-shops is here

This program was created in the industry, not only for the industry. We just didn't like the options that were available - so it was developed out of the need to have a system that can handle complex tasks with minimum user learning curve and that is configurable to fit almost any way you might want to calculate your pricing.
For this to happen, it was also needed that anybody who has some intermediate programming skills can expand the system to provide unique pricing-calculations and still use the resulting price with the click of a button in the system that handles all other estimating.

Are you still doing all your estimating by hand? Does it take you sometimes hours to make a complex estimate? And then the client changes his mind, makes a small modification which means a lot more work for you? How about being able to do all these tasks within minutes?
How much is your time worth? Shave hours off your time to see more clients AND have more free time.
Have everyone in your shop be able to make estimates and save even more time!
More time means more fun and more money for you!

Why choose Questimates? It's extremely configurable, expandable and easy to learn.

And you can try it for free. Just have a look at the screenshots and download the trial-application with the complete manuals from our website.


Sample Screen